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With the passage of Amendment 64 in Nov 2012, Colorado has become the epicenter for a revolution in both industrial hemp, recreational marijuana sales, and literally thousands of ancillary business opportunities. Let our experience work for you and learn how to start your own recreational marijuana business today.

Recreational Marijuana


For over 14 years, medical marijuana businesses have been leading the battle for cannabis rights in Colorado and the nation. Medical marijuana operations have advantages and disadvantages when compared to recreational ops. Lower sales taxes and greater demographical access are just a few advantages.

Medical Marijuana


The MMJBA offers practical step by step 'how to" 8-hour seminars and in-depth personal 1 on 1 private consultations. Our team takes your business from concept to brand launch; from market analysis to market acquisitions. Our clients include micro 'mom-n-pop" canna businesses to multi platformed venture capitalist.

Marijuana Services

Providing leading marijuana business services

The marijuana market in Colorado,

The Marijuana Business Academy has worked with local businesses, political leaders, city councils, mayors, patients, caregivers, doctors, lawyers, investors and developers. Together, we are leading the way in America's new "Green Rush 2.0"

Our team has worked with the State, Counties, Cities and Townships. Served on numerous tasks forces and helped craft some of the laws governing cultivation and sales of marijuana in Colorado.

Our mission is to help you build a foundation of knowledge and prepare you for a market that has only just begun and has tremendous growth potential.


Now, you can join the revolution. We'll show you how.

Our Marijuana business services overview

Planning your marijuana business

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It's just that simple. The marijuana business is complicated and unique. The MMJBA can help you in planning your canna-business for success.

Plan your marijuana business
Preparing your marijuana applications

The State of Colorado licenses both the people and places of business. Preparing your State application properly is critical to insuring a smooth and viable application. Mistakes are costly.

Prepare your marijuana applications
Understanding zoning and leasing

No matter how much you know about real estate, this is Cannabis in Colorado. It's fraught with danger if you do NOT understand your rights, the rules and the best practices and procedures for zoning and leasing. We know.

Marijuana zoning and leasing
Growing marijuana solutions

The MMJB offers both commercial and industrial hemp and cannabis growing seminars, as well as private home-grown classes for the local marijuana resident.

How to grow your marijuana
Launching your brand

With the competitive nature of marijuana businesses, launching your brand may make or break your entire business model. Start smart. We've done it many times.

How to launch your brand
Expanding your brand

Each business we build, we brand for our children to inherit or to sell. To survive and grow, expansion techniques and tactics can be used to very quickly expand your brand in a complex market..

How to expand your canna-brand
Brand protection and development

The Marijuana business is loaded like a shot gun with pitfalls, trials and tribulations. Brand protection should be part of your business plan from the beginning. Don't wait until it's too late.

Protect your brand
Buying and Selling a canna-business

We've been buying and selling marijuana businesses since 2010. Our experience is hard fought and hard won. Let our knowledge and network work fo you. With 100's of investors and business owners.

Buy or sell a marijuana business